Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Coupe - Sold

Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Coupe - Sold

Year: 1985
Transmission: Manual
Mileage: 49000
Colour: Guards Red

The eighties were fantastic times for Porsche and the 911 was a desirable sports car that unlike most of its rivals could genuinely be used every day.  For the 1984 model year the engine size was increased to 3164cc and the power rose to 231BHP giving the new 911 a top speed of 152mph.

The iconic name Carrera was to be seen on a standard 911 for the first time, although it was also available as a Sport model too. The 911 Carrera ‘Sport‘ featured front and rear spoilers, 16 inch Fuchs wheels, Bilstein shock absorbers and electric sports seats as standard.

This example is a genuine UK Sport model finished in Guards Red with Grey cloth interior and was supplied by Lancaster Garages in Colchester (now Porsche Centre Colchester) in January 1985.

It is showing 5 owners in total on the V5 although technically this is a 4 owner car. Mr Spearing was the original owner and the 2nd owner Mr Clifton purchased it when it was a year old. Initially this was in his company name before he transferred it to his private name in1989.

He kept the car meticulously maintained during his company ownership with Lancaster Colchester, and continued in his private ownership, although the annual mileage latterly became much lower presumably because of retirement from his company.

He sold the car in 2007to its 3rd owner Mr Rennie and although Mr Rennie didn’t appear to have the car serviced, there are MOTs supporting a total mileage of 3,000 miles during his ownership.

The last owner acquired the car in 2011 and has had it serviced twice in two years.

He has used it sparingly since and it has still only covered just 49,000 miles from new today

Delightfully it still features its original Lancaster number plates, window sticker and tax disc holder!

The car drives superbly as you would expect and whilst the paintwork is not perfect and blemish free, it is still largely original and the car is rust free.  It can either be purchased as is with its developed patina or we can carry out a light cosmetic refurbishment to bring her back to an unmarked specimen.  Carreras in this condition and with a traceable provenance are getting very hard to find. Buy now and enjoy a usable reliable classic before prices escalate as they have in Europe.

Service History

05/02/1985 - Lancaster Colchester (OPC) - 616 miles      

17/04/1985 - Lancaster Colchester - 2,356 miles    

14/08/1985 - Lancaster Colchester - 5,449 miles    

07/01/1986 - Lancaster Colchester - 7,445 miles   

06/01/1987 - Lancaster Colchester - 13,971 miles  

24/02/1988 - Lancaster Colchester - 19,024 miles  

18/04/1989 - Lancaster Colchester - 22,712 miles  

01/11/1991 - Lancaster Colchester - 26,163 miles   

29/03/1995 - Lancaster Colchester - 31,339 miles  

14/10/1999 - Lancaster Colchester - 36,772 miles  

12/08/2005 - Jon Mitchell (Porsche Specialist) - 41,185 miles  

19/05/2007 - Jon Mitchell - 42,401 miles  

06/06/2011 - Autostrasse (Porsche Specialist) - 45,155 miles  

24/04/2012 - Autostrasse - 47,846 miles  

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