Porsche 911 993 GT2 'Comfort' RHD - Sold

Porsche 911 993 GT2 'Comfort' RHD - Sold

Year: 1996
Transmission: Manual
Mileage: 8698
Colour: Speed Yellow


We are proud to be offering this highly desirable and very collectable 1996 RHD 911 993 GT2, finished in Speed Yellow with complementing black cloth interior.

Being one of just 57 cars produced worldwide for the '96/'97 model years, it is also one of only 21 road cars and reputedly one of only 10 genuine rhd cars worldwide, only 7 of which ever found their way into the UK during that period as ‘official' UK cars.

The car was collected from the factory on the 28/05/96 as a ‘C16' UK spec ‘tourist delivery' but this did not find its way into the UK via the normal OPC supply chain, but instead was a Hong Kong delivery and first registered in the UK back in 2001.

Built as the early 430bhp ‘production model' this car would have originally had the KKK K16 turbos fitted, however, a number owners were piqued to find out that after significant outlay, Porsche were intending to produce cars for the ‘98 model year with an upgrade ‘evo' motor delivering 450bhp and utilising uprated KKK K-24 turbochargers, 4-pipe exhaust system and a TAGtronics upgraded ECU - 25 of which being produced as road cars in 1998.

Perhaps for this very reason, this car too was ‘breathed upon' (allegedly by ‘RS Tuning') early in its life & supposedly produces 550bhp from a combination of larger turbochargers, a modified twin pipe Cargraphic stainless steel exhaust system and an uprated ECU.
Only mechanically modified mildly from its factory origins, visually the car has all of the usual 993 GT2 attributes including the enormous wheel arch flares and a huge bi-plane racing style rear wing.


The wheels and tyres are in excellent condition with silver painted centres (they were once yellow!) and 9/11J rim widths, the original ‘Speedlines' have been substituted for this set of distinctly ‘race-look' BBS 3-piece split-rims of much higher quality.

The wheels are original, free from kerbing and shod with a matching set of Pirelli PZero Corsa ‘directionals'. The tyres differ from the original factory sizes (235/40(f), 285/35(r)) with a slightly wider/lower profile rear - 295/30 thus creating a larger footprint to help deliver the slight increase in power.

The interior benefits from the extreme but supportive nomex Recaro race bucket seats which have replaced the original comfort items and look suitably correct for this car.
The standard inertia reel belts in red are retained (there is provision for harnesses) and there is no rollcage and no evidence of one having ever been fitted.

With most GT2's, options are usually few but on this car they are quite extensive with 7 options listed on the VIL.
These include a/c, radio preparation (including a Becker TrafficPro CD/receiver with integral sat-nav), passenger airbag, electric windows and a green top tinted windscreen.

As expected with a car of this importance, it has been extremely well cared for and maintained, displaying no less than 11 stamps in its service book, and a detailed MOT history verifying its fantastically low mileage.

The car shows no sign of having had any sort of track day usage and has not sustained any form of damage, nor displays any evidence of having had repairs.
The under body and mechanicals are in equally excellent condition and indicate that this car has certainly not been used often if at all in the rain.


This car is simply breath-taking, it has to be one of the finest 993's available to buy anywhere in the world, not to mention one of the rarest.


For more detailed information about this car or to arrange a viewing please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 01440 714 884


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