Buying a car from us

We all want a good deal and today there are a vast number of people selling cars through a vast number of mediums. But how do you determine what is a good deal and more importantly what is a good car?

Just ask yourself a few of these questions before purchasing:

How can you be sure the vendor is the owner of the car?
With current technology it is very easy for unscrupulous vendors to pretend they are someone they are not or clone the identity of a car.
How do you know you are buying a mechanically sound and accident free car?
If there is a problem in either of these areas the value of your fantastic new purchase will be seriously affected.

Can you be sure the car doesn`t still have outstanding finance?
If it has you will be liable for the balance.

How do you determine if a particularly collectable car is authentic?
The most valuable cars are the most likely to be cloned… did you know there were allegedly two examples of the famous Jaguar E Type ‘CUT 7′ with both owners claiming they owned the original!

Buying a car from us

Buy with confidence

Here at Paul Stephens we pride ourselves on our honesty and attention to detail.

Every vehicle whether our own or one that we are selling for a client has an in-depth inspection to clarify its history and condition prior to being offered for sale. On inspection, if a car has sustained any form of serious accident damage rather than a replacement bumper for example, or if we are unhappy with its provenance, it simply will not be for sale at Paul Stephens. The report will be available with the vehicle for you to see and we actively encourage any further independent inspections should you wish to have them carried out.

Buy with Confidence

PS Approved/Warranties

If the car is PS Approved it will be prepared to our exacting standards with every fault noted on the initial inspection rectified, fully serviced, with a full MOT and warranty.

All Porsche cars registered from 1997 (996 and Boxster) up to cars with manufactures warranty will receive a 6 month insurance warranty when PS approved. Optional, 12 month, 24 month and 36 month plans are available on request.

All Porsche cars registered from 1978 – 1998 (911 SC – 993) will receive a 6 month or 6,000 mile in-house warranty when PS Approved.

All pre-1978 cars will receive 6 months drive-line warranty when PS Approved.

Approved warranties