993 TARGA 16K MILES (SOLD) (1996)



Make / Model: 993

Variant: Targa

Colour: Polar Silver

Year: 1996

Mileage: 16,000

Engine Size: 3.6

Transmission: Tiptronic


Porsche 993 Targa

It has often been quoted that the 993 was the car that nearly broke Porsche financially, because it was over engineered and expensive to manufacture with the companies traditional techniques. Today that translates into the most extensively developed air-cooled 911 produced by the factory and built to last. Unlike previous generations, it was initially only available in coupe or cabriolet configuration, both available with manual or switchable tiptronic transmission, with the latter being more popular when new.

The Targa had very much been part of the 911 line up through the 60s,70s,80s and early 90s, however, featured a roof design that had hardly been altered since conception and was beginning to feel decidedly archaic when specified on a 1990s 964 model. The 993 Targa launched for the 1996 model year, not only featured the powerful new 285bhp air cooled varioram engine and drivetrain of the revised Carrera 2 coupe variants, it also featured an all new electric glass roof system, that not only retracted to give a greater feeling of open air space than a conventional coupe with a sunroof, but also made the interior a light and airy place to be with it closed too. The appearance was unique, the 2-piece split rim alloys manufactured by Speedline in particular, differentiating the Targa further from the Coupe. Only available for the final two years of air cooled 911 production, the 993 is a unique example of the Targa 911 concept today, with all subsequent models fitted with this retracting roof system being water cooled.

This Example:

This one owner example has just come to us from 27 years of private ownership and has covered just 16,182 documented miles from new. Originally supplied by Lancaster of Colchester, finished in Polar Silver with Black leather interior and fitted with the ZF switchable Tiptronic gearbox. The standard specification of the 993 Targa was high, as was the £73,020.00 purchase price when the following options were added.

PA 1000 Alarm £815.00, Alpine 3 stack CD player upgrade £1,000.00 and factory sports seats at £1,110.00 which look an absolute bargain after the Alpine audio upgrade! It comes complete with a fully documented history from new with Lancaster Colchester starting on 19th February 1996 with the original order form and finishing with its last health check on 3rd March 2021 at 15,753 miles. A major service will be carried out at point of sale.

If you are looking for a 911 to add to a private collection, this original one owner, main agent serviced 993, in unmolested condition in arguably the most desirable colour combination, is a perfect candidate.

However, if you are considering a modern classic as a daily driver, the 993 combines an old-world charm with bullet proof build quality, together with a compact footprint and analogue driving experience, that is missing in today’s cars.

Purists will argue that a 911 should always have a manual gearbox, however, anyone living inside the M25 will almost certainly find a tiptronic more appealing. The switchable gearbox can be operated from the steering wheel, allowing for spirited driving when allowed, whilst when the fully automatic mode is selected, it is perfect for the typical driving found on your average city ring road at rush hour.

Our thoughts

Obviously this 993 stands out as a perfect candidate for a private collector, however, if its next custodian decided to use the car as intended, we think the Tiptronic suits the style of the Targa perfectly. With other features such as power steering, air conditioning and ABS brakes, it makes a happy companion in today’s modern traffic. Additionally, unlike most sportscars, it has ample storage too, making it an ideal companion for a wonderful cross continent mile munching road trip. It is also perfect for a gentle summers evening drive to your local pub, wafting along, roof fully retracted and that distinctive air- cooled soundtrack just behind you. As an all-round daily sportscar, this 993 Targa Tiptronic ticks every box, and all in the knowledge you are driving something special, that makes people smile, whilst being a far sounder investment than a modern equivalent too.

Service History

  • Porsche Colchester: 2417 miles – 26/09/97
  • Porsche Colchester: 2825 miles – 14/05/98
  • Porsche Colchester: 3511 miles – 09/04/99
  • Porsche Colchester: 4138 miles – 06/04/00
  • Porsche Colchester: 4364 miles – 05/04/01
  • Porsche Colchester: 4778 miles – 04/04/02
  • Porsche Colchester: 5315 miles – 03/04/03
  • Porsche Colchester: 5925 miles – 02/04/04
  • Porsche Colchester: 6039 miles – 04/04/05
  • Porsche Colchester: 6414 miles – 03/04/06
  • Porsche Colchester: 7362 miles – 28/03/07
  • Porsche Colchester: 8111 miles – 26/03/08
  • Porsche Colchester: 9731 miles – 23/03/09
  • Porsche Colchester: 10,703 miles – 18/03/10
  • Porsche Colchester: 11,566 miles – 17/03/11
  • Porsche Colchester: 12,310 miles – 19/03/12 (vehicle health check)
  • Porsche Colchester: 12,623 miles – 27/03/13
  • Porsche Colchester: 13,021 miles – 15/10/13 (vehicle health check)
  • Porsche Colchester: 13,156 miles – 24/03/14
  • Porsche Colchester: 13,515 miles – 24/03/15 (vehicle health check)
  • Porsche Colchester: 13,981 miles – 26/02/16
  • Porsche Colchester: 14,529 miles – 21/03/17 (vehicle health check + general maintenance)
  • Porsche Colchester: 14,946 miles – 18/01/18 (vehicle health check and wheel alignment)
  • Porsche Colchester: 15,210 miles – 14/01/19 (vehicle health check)
  • Porsche Colchester: 15,5520 miles – 15/01/20
  • Porsche Colchester: 15,753 miles – 03/02/21
  • Paul Stephens: 16,120 miles – Supplied fully prepared

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