PORSCHE 911 2.2E 1969 RHD (SOLD) (1969)



Make / Model: Porsche 911

Variant: 2.2E

Colour: Metallic Red (Code 8181)

Year: 1969

Engine Size: 2.2


We are pleased to offer this rare RHD 911 for sale, a restored car we have sold before that is still in excellent condition today.

Model History

In 1963 Porsche launched a new coupe called the 901, a radical departure from the ageing 356 that featured an all-new aluminium 2.0 flat-six air-cooled engine mated to a 5-speed gearbox in a 2 plus 2 coupe body. In October 1964, the 901 became the 911 in response to Peugeot's trademark objections, and so the most famous three numbers in the sportscar world were coined.

Capable of 0-60 mph in 8.3 seconds and a top speed of 130mph, the new 911 elevated Porsche into the junior supercar league at a stroke. It soon earned itself a reputation not only for its incredible performance from only 2 litres but for also having fairly entertaining handling characteristics. With the engine hung so far behind the rear wheels, highly experienced drivers would revel in the delicate adjustability of the chassis at the limit, whilst lesser morsels could easily find themselves facing the way they had just come from.

Porsche responded for the 1969 model year by lengthening the wheelbase by 57mm (2.2 inches) and manufacturing the engine cases out of magnesium instead of aluminium saving another 10kgs of weight at the rear, whilst replacing one larger battery with two smaller batteries at the front to help with weight distribution. These modifications instantly improved the handling characteristics, making it much easier to drive. Except for the S, the performance had not significantly improved since they launched the original car, so for the 1970 model year, they increased the engine capacity to 2.2 litres.

Whilst the base T model made do with Zenith carburettors to produce 125BHP which was less than the original 2.0, Bosch mechanical fuel injection was fitted the E and S models along with revised camshafts to produce 155BHP and 180BHP respectively. Recognising the increased performance credentials of both the E and S, the centre rear panel and engine lid were constructed from aluminium instead of steel to help weight distribution further. On paper, the S certainly had the headline performance figures. However, the increased in power wasn't reached until it passed 6,500RPM and peak torque arrived much later to ensure that when it came to normal driving, the E was quite often the more responsive car.

This Example

Manufactured in 1969 for the 1970 model year, this C series 911E was the 46th to leave the production line and quite possibly the first in RHD. It was supplied to the UK importer AFN finished in Metallic Red (Code 8181) with black leatherette interior, the combination it is presented in today.

Although now over 50 years old, 046 has only had four former keepers from new with a documented history, including its certificate of authenticity. It''s believed to have been first registered by AFN, who delivered it to Mr Seager on 29th October 1969, who enjoy the car for nine years before passing to its next owner, Mr Dickenson on 11th April 1978. He kept the car until passing it onto Mr Protheroe in December 1987.

Mr Protheroe then set about an extensive documented restoration programme to bring 046 back to its former glory. Known affectionately as the `Red Baron` it was a Porsche Club GB concourse finalist on several occasions and was used for several trips with the club too.

We acquired the car in 2016 from Mr Protheroe and sold it to its current custodian who has continued to have it maintained regardless of cost including a recent engine and gearbox rebuild by a marque specialist.


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