PORSCHE 911 2.2S TARGA (SOLD) (1971)



Make / Model: Porsche 911

Variant: 2.2S Targa

Colour: Tangerine

Year: 1971

Mileage: 13434

Engine Size: 2.2

Transmission: Manual


Porsche 911 2.2 S Targa

For nearly as long as there has been a 911, there has been a 911 S, the very first arriving in 1966, just one year after the 911s official 1965 launch. As befitting for the sporting model of the range, the S was 30bhp up on the standard 911, with 160bhp, thanks to revised cams, high compression forged pistons and triple choke Weber carbs.

In 1969, the wheelbase of the 911 S – along with the rest of the 911 range – was increased by 2 inches, in order to improve high-speed cornering stability. Also increased and improved was the 2-litre flat-six, which now produced a substantial – in 1969 – 170bhp.

And rather like life on earth, the 911 continued to evolve and just a year later, in 1970, the 911 2.2 S was launched as the pinnacle of the 911 range and the then ultimate evolution of the early ‘classic’ narrow bodied 911. Power was up again to 180bhp making the 911 S one of the very fastest machines on the road, with a top speed of 143mph and 0-60mph in 7.5 seconds. Perhaps more critically for the road, bigger capacity also equalled more torque, as the previous 2-litre S engines were starting to get rather peaky in terms of power delivery.

Compared to most contemporary iron-age power units, the 911s 2.2 flat-six was absolutely cutting edge, with weight saving magnesium crank cases, forged steel crankshaft and cast aluminium alloy pistons. Bosch mechanical fuel injection was a precision instrument in a world of carburettors, as was a five-speed gearbox, the 2.2 S notable as the last 911 equipped with the dogleg 901 unit, before the arrival of the more conventional Type 915 ‘box which followed with the 2.4 S in 1972.

As per the 911 range up to this point, the S was available as a Coupe, or the perhaps more glamorous Targa, with its safety inspired roll hoop and removeable roof panel, which is exactly what we currently have here in the Paul Stephens showroom.


And it really is a dream machine. This LHD US spec 911 2.2 S Targa was built on Jan 01 1971 and delivered to its first owner, Nathan James, on April 04, courtesy of Holbert’s Porsche Audi Inc, Warrington, Pennsylvania. Holbert is Bob Holbert, father of Porsche works endurance racer and Le Mans winner, Al Holbert, so already this car has some gravitas.

We know all this because contained in the substantial history file is the distinctive and exclusive to USA, burgundy maintenance record file, which is stamped all the way from Holbert’s Porsche in 1971 to UK based Autofarm in 2022.

Obviously, it has moved around a bit in between, as befits a 911 that is 52-years old, with evidence of time spent in Oregon and Miami, before leaving the US for Belgium in 2014, imported by its current owner, who then bought it into the UK upon relocation in 2017.

While this 911 Targa has clearly been cherished throughout its 52-years, it would be unrealistic to expect it to be entirely original. A full body, interior and partial mechanical restoration was carried out in 2006 by respected Porsche experts, Marque Motors in Portland Oregon. ‘Partial mechanical restoration’ is perhaps to do a disservice given that only the crankcase remained unopened, in deference to the healthy compression within. And needless to say, all numbers match.

While the interior is largely restored standard, the seats were replaced and trimmed in black leather with hounds tooth inserts.

Since being in the UK, Autofarm have regularly serviced and worked through any issues, to the point where this 911 2.2 S Targa is pretty much spot on. We can only report as we find, but the Tangerine paintwork is still in excellent order, as is the black interior. The Fuchs wheels are finished and detailed as per factory spec, and ride on period correct Michelin X radials. The Targa roof panel is in good order and fits snugly, for those rare occasions when the sun isn’t shining!


It’s the full classic 911 experience, with added Targa character.

Narrow body 911s on skinny 15in wheels have a feel and movement, all of their own. These are 911s that you guide rather than hustle, using your finger tips and palm of the hand to steer. There’s nothing quite like it.

The dogleg (back for first, forward for second etc) ‘box is precise and rewarding to use, while the engine has more than enough get up and go to keep pace with modern motoring, mixing strong torque with top-end bite.

How you drive it is up to you. It will do the relaxed Targa cruise – or it will jump to it for a more spirited adventure.


It’s hard to think of a more useable, classic 911 than a Targa. And while almost any classic Targa ticks the box, a 2.2 S, surely ticks all the boxes and more. There’s a long summer stretching out ahead, just think of the driving adventures you could have…


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