PORSCHE 911 2.4S (SOLD) (1972)



Make / Model: Porsche 911

Variant: 2.4S

Colour: Silver

Year: 1972

Mileage: 66,000

Engine Size: 2.4

Transmission: Manual


Porsche 911 2.4 S

Introduced in August 1971, the 911 2.4 S was considered the pinnacle of the 911 range and the ultimate evolution of the early ‘classic’ narrow bodied 911. Power of this new 2.4 flat-six unit was a substantial 190bhp, which was mated to a new Type 915 gearbox to keep pace with the additional torque and power now available. Performance was increased over the outgoing model too, with a top speed of 144mph and 0-60mph coming up in a sharp 6.6 secs, both ensuring the new 911 2.4S, was one of the fastest cars on the road at the time.

It could be argued that the 911 S lost its performance crown to the 73 RS, however, as a limited homologation road racer, even in Touring guise, the RS was a different, hardcore machine compared to the relatively refined and sophisticated S. And if it is this simple, classic and sophisticated look that you seek, then the 911S is still `top dog` amongst its slim hipped siblings.

Another new feature was that the dry sump oil tank was moved further towards the middle of the car, aiding weight distribution and this was filled via an external `oel klappe` in the passenger rear wing. Unfortunately, as is well documented elsewhere, this was the era when you had a service station attendant fill your car with fuel for you, and many made the mistake of filling via the oil flap rather than the fuel flap. This predictably led to several engine failures, ensuring Porsche soon reverted back to a rear mounted oil tank, which was filled from inside the engine bay as before.

Today this makes the 1972 one year only `oel klappe` 911s desirable, not only for their unique appearance, but improved weight distribution too, and given that many had to have replacement engines in period, a matching number original engine is the cherry on the cake.

To drive and own one of these in 1972, was a very much a discerning statement, and with circa 1750 manual coupes delivered worldwide, a comparatively rare beast too.


Indeed, with that in mind, we’re lucky to have two 911 2.4 S models in stock right now, one in Coupe the other in Targa specification.

The Coupe detailed here is a desirable early, matching numbers, example, distinguished by its rear wing mounted oil filler flap and matrix front wing oil cooler, unique to the ’72 S.

Compared to just about any modern Porsche, these early 911s are classically simple and this silver 2.4 S is no exception, with a black interior, manual windows and black Recaro Sports seats. Surprisingly perhaps for a US car, it is a non-sunroof example, which will appeal to many.

Sold new in the USA, via Porsche/Audi dealer John Stein Motors Inc, in Winnington, Delaware, it subsequently spent its life in Harrisburg, Philadelphia up until 1988, when it was bought by a UK citizen. At the time it had a recorded 59,580-miles. The fact that now 34-years later, it still has only 66,000-miles registered, which looks from the history file that it may be genuine, tells its own story.

From 1988 to 2003 it was put into storage in California, before then being recommissioned and imported to the UK in 2003. Some light use and a further spell in storage up until 2009, when it was recommissioned once again by Autofarm, and sold to a new owner, by which time mileage had crept up to 61,746-miles.

Since then, and in the safe hands of Autofarm, it has undergone more extensive restoration and mechanical de-bugging, including a full, bare metal respray and a suspension refresh. That said, it is still remarkably original in terms of its interior and the underbody, clearly still in fine and original form. Save for the odd expected oil leak, the engine and gearbox remain unopened and in fine fettle and a recent rolling road session has sorted any minor idle and low speed running issues.


It’s the full, immersive, old school 911 experience. You perch on the Recaro seat, rather than sink into it. Typically, the Type 915 gearbox needs a little patience and a precise hand, while the floor mounted, organ style throttle pedal gives a broad access to the 190bhp on offer.

The steering wheel is huge compared to a modern tiller, and at first it feels alarming light, but this delicacy is soon appreciated, and savoured. Master the weight transfer from the rear, and soon you’ll be travelling through corners aplomb in true 911 style.


A UK or European 911 2.4 S would probably have been fully restored by this stage of its life, and if not, then would need it soon enough. Paintwork aside and some expected mechanical refurbishment over the years, this US example is still remarkably original, which we think adds to its charm.


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