PORSCHE 911 3.2 CARRERA (SOLD) (1988)



Make / Model: Porsche 911

Variant: 3.2 Carrera

Colour: Black

Year: 1988

Mileage: 66,000

Engine Size: 3.2

Transmission: Manual G50



The Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 was introduced in 1984 to replace the longstanding SC model and in Porsche’s typically evolutionary fashion, it was visually very similar to the outgoing 911. It also marked the end of the G-Series line, introduced in 1974 and the last 911, that could trace its lineage back to the 1963 original.

Porsche built a staggering 80,000 911 Carrera 3.2s between 1983 and 1989. Not bad for a car that was supposed to have been killed off in favour of the front-engined 928. Cue customer outrage and an internal Porsche power struggle, that was resolved in the 911’s favour.

After years of largely incremental power increases the Carrera 3.2 introduced a rather more generous horsepower hike: 231bhp at 5900rpm from its 3.2-litre flat six, thanks to the 911 Turbo’s crank and longer connecting rods. Torque increased to 209lbs/ft at 4800rpm. The 911 finally broke the 150mph barrier, albeit only just at 152mph. The Carrera went digital too, with computerised fuel injection and RAM chips that even today can be manipulated to alter the fuelling and ignition.

Early Carrera 3.2s retained the Type 915 gearbox, but in 1987 the 911 got the gearbox that many would say it really deserved: The Getrag G50, that would go on to serve the 911 through the 964 and 993 ranges.

The Carrera 3.2 also received a much plusher interior, with improved ventilation (always an air-cooled 911 issue) and sound insulation and two/three way electric seats. The deep bolstered ‘Sports’ version is still one of the best thrones, that Porsche has ever made.

The ultimate and arguably most desirable G-Series 911 is, then, a late G50 equipped Carrera 3.2 and preferably in red, or black. And it is the latter that we have here.


A welcome return to an exceptional Carrera 3.2 that is well known to us here at Paul Stephens. Aside from the odd super-low mileage garage queen, or hidden away from new, they don’t get much better than this.

First registered in April 1988, and delivered to its first owner by Merlin Official Porsche Centre, Chesterfield, this Carrera 3.2 has covered just 66,000-miles, backed up by its extensive service history which is now onto it’s second service book. Naturally all maintenance has been carried out by Porsche Centre and Porsche Specialist technicians.

Typical of this being a UK car and of its era, this is a fully Sport specced example, with front and rear wings, sports Bilstein dampers and 16in Fuchs wheels. The Linen, deep bolstered, electric sports seats, have been re-freshed by Porsche interior gurus, Southbound to a typically high standard, and are offset by a black dashboard, door fittings and floor mats. Other options include the High Fidelity Package, and eight speaker system, with amplifier, plus sunroof and top tined windscreen. The only contemporary addition is that of a Porsche Classic head unit. That’s classic looks, but with modern functionality including Apple Car Play and NAV.

As you might expect of such a low mileage example, servicing and maintenance has been largely routine, save for consumables. The biggest expenditure in recent years has been for a complete new exhaust system, plus performance chip. As intimated above, the Carrera 3.2, was the first 911 to go digital, and together with chip and exhaust, the rolling road tuning figures reveal a full 228bhp @ 6174rpm, which is as near as makes no odds the full factory 230bhp, which is good to know.

The paintwork is as you would hope, as is the black trim and rubber mouldings, a testimony to £1500 worth of bodywork conditioning and pampering by Auto Wax Works, culminating in full Gtechniq paint protection. There is a depth of shine and finish that you feel you could dive into.


Fans of the earlier 915 ‘box will argue that it’s in some way the real deal, but there can be no argument, that the Getrag G50 is the slicker and easier shifter, enhanced by its hydraulic clutch. A G50 car will always, then, command a premium. And Carrera 3.2s of this quality, will always command a premium, too.

As good as it gets? Well we’re struggling to think of, or find any downsides. It’s the full 911 experience, but with the benefit of 14-years of G-Series development, which adds just the right amount of refinement and usability over the earlier Carrera 3.2s and the preceding 911 SC. From the churn of the flat-six catching, to the physicality of the controls and the unique balance of the weighty, twisting rear and the floating front, it’s just an immersive experience that feels like nothing else. A thrill, even.

And with its recent dyno, performance chip and exhaust, this Carrera 3.2 responds to the throttle with an increased vigour, too.


For years the 911 took just incremental steps forward model-by-model, but the Carrera 3.2, really does feel like a quantum leap. It’s the last of the true 911s too and this is the last of the Carrera 3.2s. Seemingly, sometimes, it clearly pays to be last!


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