PORSCHE 911 '73 TRIBUTE (SOLD) (1980)



Make / Model: Porsche 911 SC

Variant: '73 Tribute

Colour: Metallic Blue

Year: 1980

Engine Size: 3.2

Transmission: Manual



The 911 SC was the immediate successor to the Carrera 3.0, and was offered from the 1978 to 1983 model years inclusive, during which time nearly 61,000 were built at Porsche’s Stuttgart factory, before being replaced by the Carrera 3.2.

The early 180bhp cars were conceived to comply and run on low octane US fuel, but soon European spec cars began to benefit from uprated versions of the 3-litre engine, with 188bhp for the 1980 model year and finally a definitive 204bhp for 1981. US cars, however, were stuck with 180bhp throughout. The full-fat 204bhp gave the SC a top speed of very nearly 150mph and a 0-60mph dash of 6.8 secs.

Tribute act

That’s the standard issue 911 SC, but clearly this is a very different animal. Backdates, hot rods, restomods, call them what you will, but we love them here.

Based on a 1980 SC, and finished in Minerva Blue, this 911 remained stock until 2021, leading a typically classic 911 life of caring ownership and regular maintenance.

The look is clearly ’73 RS Touring inspired and the transformation was carried out by respected Dorset based Canford Classics and goes far beyond just the body. Typical of any 911 SC, these days, it was ripe for restoration or improvement and the commissioning owner didn’t hold back with the budget, which is necessary given the work involved, and we speak from experience.

Needless to say, the SC was stripped back and then built back up to create the RS look, with all appropriate body panels, plus brightwork, seals and gaskets, plus any other sundry items. The interior has also received a partial retrim, but remains largely standard SC, something a new owner might want to address. A lightweight RS inspired interior can be discussed with us as part of the sale should you wish.

While removed, the front and rear suspension, plus brakes were stripped to component form and rebuilt or renewed. All the suspension arms were powder coated and plated, with new bushes and bearings.

Motivation comes from a 3.2-litre, short stoke engine, which accounts for £25,000 of the build. With popular DC35-106 profile cams and Jenvey throttle bodies and fuel injection, it produces a rolling road verified 286bhp at 6800rpm and 243lbs/ft of torque at 5400rpm. Both are very healthy numbers in anyone’s book and certainly at the upper end of what’s achievable.

Power is transmitted to the road via a recently rebuilt Type 915 gearbox.

On the road

Yup, it’s rapid alright! No surprise really, but equally the engine is user friendly too, with no peakiness to report, despite big power and spiky cams. It’s as happy to cruise at half throttle as it is to rev out to 6000rpm plus. The 915 box is as good as they get, too.

And to steer? Just lovely thank you. The chassis is UK road compliant and all the classic 911 traits and quirks are present and correct, with steering feedback that transmits the road straight to your fingertips. In short, the full, immersive classic 911 experience.

In conclusion

An RS tribute that’s been well executed and with a significant sting in the tail. All the hard work has been done here, and at a project cost that we think would be hard to replicate now. Ready to go, or ready for a few final tweaks to the interior and perhaps some more period looking 15in Fuchs. Either way the new owner will not be disappointed.


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