PORSCHE 911 SC (SOLD) (1980)



Make / Model: Porsche 911

Variant: SC

Colour: Black

Year: 1980

Engine Size: 3.2

BHP: 250

Transmission: Manual



There is no disputing that the Porsche 911 is the most successful sports car of all time. It’s also arguably the most successful race car of all time too, which just adds to the 911s enduring icon status. Since its launch in 1964, the 911 has been raced and rallied across the globe, by the factory, private teams and entrants.

We’re no strangers to going racing at Paul Stephens either. The boss is quite useful behind the wheel and as such we do sell and prepare the odd race and track day 911. That a 911 race car is rewarding and thrilling to drive, goes without saying. And with such a distinguished race career/history the variety of options in terms of cars and championships is vast. And racing a 911 needn’t be expensive either, as we will prove here.

This 1980 LHD 911 SC has been raced extensively for most of its life, first in Holland and then in the UK. It has had much success in various Porsche Club Championships, most recently in the hands of Tim Barber and Adrian Rowlands, with overall and class wins in the PCGB Speed Championship.

A racer it may be but it’s also road legal, which adds to its versatility. You wouldn’t expect it to be immaculate, but it is very presentable in gleaming black, with gold Group 4 wheels. It’s also very solid, having been on the receiving end of extensive bodywork repairs and strengthening in 2013, by Porsche bodyshop, 911 Triple R. And while predominantly steel, it does feature fibreglass bonnet, doors and engine lid plus, of course, a competition spec stripped out interior, with dual Recaro Pole Position seats and welded in roll cage. As such, it tips the scales at 1140kg.

Reassuringly, in the hands of Tim Barber and Adrian Rowlands, there is a packed history file and invoices that stack up to over £54,000, with JAZ Porsche, Unit 11 and 911 Triple R. Most notably, the standard SC engine is long gone and in its place a Carrera 3.2 motor, rebuilt to 3.4-litre spec by JAZ Porsche, with a host of upgrades including Mahle pistons, lightweight Carillo rods, 964 cams and a Wayne Schofield mapped ECU. Power is a strong and reliable 250bhp, with a full dyno report from BS Motorsport. Putting that output on the road is a recently rebuilt Type 915 gearbox, with LSD.

The well planted suspension is solid mounted, with poly bushes and JRZ double adjustable dampers. Currently the car rolls on popular Toyo road/track rubber.


Road, track or both, the choice is yours. With dual seats you can share the fun of a track day, and what a great way to enjoy fast lapping on UK and European circuits. Competition wise, this well-sorted machine would be immediately competitive in a number of series, including the new Porsche Club GB Classic series, or sprints and hillclimbs. It could even by turned into a rally car. After all a 911 did win the RAC (Roger Albert Clark) Rally in 2021.

And while we haven’t driven this weapon on track, we can tell you it’s makes for an exhilarating road car. Sure you wouldn’t want to go Grand Touring in it, but for a Sunday morning blast, it certainly blows the cobwebs away! The weight loss and the on demand 250bhp, make for a rapid and quick to react drive.


Racing 911s don’t get much more cost effective than this. You can expect this to be pretty tough too, with a solid shell and fresh, well proven mechanicals. It’s ready to race in 2022, so what are you waiting for?


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