Make / Model: 993

Variant: Carrera 4 Cabriolet

Colour: Iris Blue

Year: 1995

Mileage: 58,600

Engine Size: 3.6

Transmission: Manual



Introduced in 1994, the Porsche 911, Type 993, was the last of the air-cooled 911 line and as such will always hold a special place in the hearts and minds of Porsche 911 fans. What followed (the Porsche 996), was very much a revolution.

The 993, by contrast, was more evolution over the 964 it replaced, but even so it was quite a significant one. Designed by Briton Tony Hatter, the basic shape of the 911 was changed with a revised smoother front end featuring sloping headlights, whilst the rear took on a wider stance, with a bulging rear arches to accommodate the new multilink rear suspension. The basic silhouette was still unmistakeable, but it looked more aggressive than any previous standard 911.

Mechanically the 993 retained the 3.6-litre engine, but with detail changes, that raised power to 272bhp and this was combined with a new 6 speed manual, offering a greater range of ratios, or a Tiptronic gearbox if you didn’t fancy the leg work of using a clutch.

Whilst the 993 was 20KGs heavier than the outgoing 964, the increase in power and closer ratio 6 speed gearbox ensured it out performed the model it replaced, whilst the handling was much improved with the new multilink rear suspension too. Improvements continued in the driveline, with an entirely new 4WD system for the Carrera 4 models that not only ensured the new 993 Carrera 4 was lighter than the 964 Carrera 4 it replaced, but with the new ABD (automatic brake differential) system as standard, it was far more sophisticated, banishing the understeering trait of the previous generation C4. Another lesser known fact is that whilst a little heavier than a standard Carrera 2 993, the system was sophisticated enough to ensure that the new 4WD 993 out accelerated its 2wd brother to 60mph and offered more secure handling in damp conditions too.

Initially launched in both coupe and cabriolet form, closely followed by the Targa, the 993 would continue until the arrival of the new water cooled 996 series, sealing the end of the air cooled 911 era.

Whilst the Targa was only available as a 2wd, the coupe and cabriolet were also available with the new sophisticated 4wd driveline, although at a near 7% price upgrade over its visually identical 2wd relatives, it required a carefully considered tick on the order form. This ensured not surprisingly, the 2wd variants comfortably outsold the 4wd models and by the time you ticked the cabriolet box too, this number dropped to just 3.4% of the total 993 production, making a 993 Carrera 4 Cabriolet a pretty rare bird.

This example:

Supplied by Merlin of Nottingham in May 1995 and finished in the striking combination of iris blue with marble grey interior, this low owner 993 has actually been with its last custodian since August 2008 until now and has still only covered 58,000 miles (just over 2,000 miles a year) from new. As you would hope, it still retains its original engine and gearbox confirming its matching number status and has been regularly maintained with either Porsche main agents or Porsche specialists during that time. It is still in remarkable condition throughout belying its 28 years of age.

Settle into the electric seats, turn the key and the air cooled flat six bursts into life with its distinctive burble. The roof quickly retracts, allowing you to hear the engine with even more clarity, whilst the optional wind deflector protects you from buffeting on the move. A quick drive, will fill you with instant confidence as the 4wd and ABS system provides secure traction and stopping power in all conditions, whilst the analogue feel through the power assisted steering, is something that has long gone in a modern electric system. It clearly isn’t as fast in a straight line as a current 992 cabriolet, losing 1.1 seconds on the 0-60 dash and just over 10mph by the time they hit their max speed, however, the strong performance is certainly ample and the more telling facts are that it is 100mm narrower and over 200KGS lighter than the current 992, making it feel much more agile and easier to place on our typical English roads. This allows you to enjoy its performance more readily and that’s before you’ve found out which one is far easier to park in the average multi story!

Simple technology and rock solid build quality are the hallmarks of an air cooled 911 and by continually refining the recipe, with the 993, Porsche saved their best until last.

This 993 Cabriolet with its 4WD and 6 speed manual transmission, will be an engaging and dependable companion whatever the weather. However, if you have petrol in your veins and appreciate timeless style, once the roof is down, whether it’s a quick blast on your favourite road, or a long European road trip with friends, there are very few sportscars that will be this practical and reliable whilst still feeling genuinely special behind the wheel.


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