Make / Model: 997.1

Variant: Carrera S

Colour: Silver

Year: 2006

Mileage: 51300

Engine Size: 3.8

Transmission: Manual



If the 1997 996 was the modernising 911 revolution, then the 997 that followed in 2004, was back to the familiar path of 911 evolution.

With much of the 996’s underpinnings carried over, including the 3.6-litre, flat-six for the base models, Porsche consciously took a step back styling wise. Whereas the 996 had attracted criticism for its perhaps slightly bland, modern re-working of the 911 silhouette, plus those controversial headlamps, the 997 featured a more accentuated classic 911 look, and a return to traditional round headlights.

The exterior redesign was complimented by a complete interior reworking, with again a nod to the more traditional 911 look. Materials were much improved too, and more in keeping with Porsche perception.

While the 320bhp, 3.6-litre engine was a carry over, S models got a new 350bhp, 3.8-litre motor. Transmission choices remained as per 996, with a six-speed manual and five-speed Tiptronic. In true Porsche fashion, the 997 arrived with Carrera 2 and 2S versions - differentiated by power and narrow v wide body - closely followed by the C4 and C4S and then Cabrio and GT variants. And lastly in 2006, the 997 Targa was introduced, in C4 and C4S versions.

Porsche also introduced its Porsche Active Suspension Management system (PASM), with the 997, but other advances – such as PDK transmission – would have to wait until the arrival of the 997.2 in 2008.


While the ultra-purist in us might suggest that the 997 sweet spot is the base 320bhp, manual Carrera 2, the market would largely disagree, and so we’ll put the case forward for exactly what we have here: An early 997.1 manual Carrera 2S, in Arctic Silver, with black leather interior and to us, it’s a classic combo, that will never lose its appeal.

First registered in September 2006, and supplied by Porsche Centre, Bristol, this excellent example has covered just 51,300 miles, with a modest four owners, and has a fully stamped service book, with a typical mix of Porsche Centre and Porsche specialist attention. It’s most recent service being in July 2022.

The first owner didn’t go mad on the options, which is no bad thing. Mechanically, this Carrera S features passive dampers and of course the 350bhp, 3.8-litre flat six. Enough for 180+mph and 0160mph in 4.8 secs. Interior wise, extended black leather features, plus Porsche’s PCM system, reverse sensors and BOSE Sound System.

And we should mention – for ultimate peace of mind – that this 997 has recently had both its IMS bearing and RMS seal replaced, a big job that the new owner won’t have to lose any sleep over.

Other than that, and at this sort of mileage, maintenance has been largely routine servicing and consumables, such as brakes and the odd suspension arm. Modern do tend to get through them, but they are an easy replacement.


So, the ‘sweetspot’ of the modern Porsche generation? Yes, we think so and here’s why. If the 996 was a dynamically better 911 than the last of the air-cooled 993, generation then the 997 C2S further builds on that, with an extra dollop of power and improved build quality.

In manual form, the six-speed ‘box is one of Porsches best, with tight/close ratios, whereas the seven-speed manual that followed in the 991, is not one of Porsche’s finest and is hampered by economy/emissions dictated ratios.

It’s perfectly sized, too. Wide-bodied the 997 C2 S might have been in 2006, but by contemporary 911 standards, its positively snake-hipped, which matters on your favourite B-road, when there’s someone coming the other way in a towering Range Rover! Oh, and the suspension and relatively conservatively sized 18in wheels are more suited too, to our uniquely crumbling topography. Certainly more so than 20s and iron fist damping. The 997 chassis is still on the right side of analogue, likewise the steering.

And with a torquey 350bhp, from 3.8-litres, it’s fast, real world fast, but not crazy, inaccessible fast and so you can dip in and out, with full control.

We rest our case!


What can we add? Well, as ubiquitous as a silver, manual 997 Carrera 2 S might seem, even with low miles, just have a look around. See, not so common as you might think. Oh, and price wise? Compared to so much in the world of Porsche and the 911 in particular, there’s no arguing that this 997 offers much bang, for not a lot of buck.


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