PORSCHE 997.1 TURBO (SOLD) (2008)



Make / Model: 997.1

Variant: Turbo

Colour: Guards Red

Year: 2008

Mileage: 19,600

Engine Size: 3.6

BHP: 473

Transmission: Manual



911 Turbo! It fully deserves the exclamation mark as the pinnacle of Porsche’s iconic, rear-engined masterpiece. Launched in 1974, the 911 Turbo rewrote the supercar script, introducing a never-before-seen blend of massive performance, and usability. The Italian stallion and charging bull were revealed as stroppy prima donnas, in the wake of the Turbo’s Teutonic talent.

The air-cooled 911 Turbo peaked with the 4WD twin turbo 993, as sophisticated a weapon as there was on the road in the 90s. The all new, water-cooled 996 Turbo followed in 2000, setting a whole new benchmark for the all-weather supercar, with a useable 420bhp from its Mezger derived, 3.6-litre, flat-6 and 4WD. It was as happy trundling to the shops as it was at near on 200mph.

The 996 was a largely successful modern reboot of the 911 concept, but it took the arrival of the 997 in 2004, to finish the job. For many the 997 is the sweet-spot of the modern/water-cooled 911 era. Just the right balance of size and performance, and as surely as night follows day, the 997 Turbo arrived in 2006, to build on the 996 Turbo’s formula.

Once again, the engine was the bullet-proof 3.6 Mezger unit, but this time with a host of revisions, most notably Variable Turbo Technology (VTG) – effectively two compressors within a single housing, for improved turbo response. Power was boosted to 473bhp; torque a massive 457lbs/ft @ 1950-5000rpm, with 0-60 arriving in 3.6 secs and a top speed of 193mph, performance is still pretty rapid even compared to some more modern machinery today.

The 997 Turbo was of course 4WD equipped, but now with an electronically activated centre diff and Porsche’s new active suspension management (PASM), plus stability management (PSM). Transmission options remained 6-speed manual and 5-speed Tiptronic.

A generation 2 model followed with more power from an all new 3.8-litre, direct fuel injected, engine (thus saying goodbye to the legendary Mezger unit) however, the Generation 1, particularly in manual form still feels analogue to drive, yet offers technical sophistication and genuine everyday practicality.


Which brings us to this rare beast: A 2008 997.1 Turbo, with just 19,600-miles on the clock. As such it’s as time-warp a 997 Turbo as you’re ever going to find and pretty much showroom fresh.

Delivered to Porsche Centre Belfast on 6/03/2008 it is notable also for its colour. You may be forgiven for thinking Guards Red as being ubiquitous for a 911 Turbo and yes, on an 80s 930 Turbo, maybe. But by the mid 90s and into the Millennium, Guards Red was a rare box ticked and a 997 Turbo in Guards Red is as rare as… well, you know how the saying goes.

And it gets better. For full boost control, this is a rare 6-speed manual in a market largely made up of Tiptronics. More good news? While we appreciate that some prefer Porsche’s more adventurous interior colours, you can’t argue with black. So, to sum up: A Guards Red, manual 997 Turbo, with a black leather interior and minimal miles, well optioned, yet not dripping with ageing trinkets. What’s not to like?

Unsurprisingly, at such low mileage, the history file is modest, rather than bulging. Servicing up to 2015 was carried out by the supplying Porsche centre and since then, this 997 Turbo has been largely ‘resting’ covering just minimal mileage. An oil change was carried out in late 2021, and a full recommissioning service will be carried out by us, including new spark plugs and anything else required once sold.


Wide-bodied the 997 Turbo might have been in 2008, but by contemporary 911 Turbo standards, its positively snake-hipped. Oh, and just try getting a manual 992 Turbo. Not even Porsche’s ‘Special wishes’ dept, will rustle one of those up for you.

That’s what defines this rare bird. It’s still Brit road useable and the manual ‘box adds to the excitement and involvement. It’s fast, real world fast, but not crazy, crazy 992 Turbo fast and you can dip in and out, with full control. The 997 chassis is still on the right side of analogue, likewise the steering.

And if you want to feel what real grip, acceleration and actual G-force feels like, just unleash this Turbo out of a corner… The fastest point-to-point 911 ever? Could be.


What can we add? The all round, every day, all-weather supercar, often sounds like damming with faint praise, but actually it’s the 911 Turbo’s towering achievement. As such, and in this spec, plus super low miles, we’re not expecting this 997 Turbo to be with us for long.


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