PORSCHE 997.2 TARGA 4 (2008)



Make / Model: Porsche 911

Variant: 997.2 Targa

Colour: Grey

Year: 2008

Mileage: 48,696

Engine Size: 3.6

Transmission: PDK



We could debate the genius of Porsche and the seemingly immortal 911 until the cows come in from the fields. And part of that genius, is surely Porsche’s ability over the years to create so many 911 variations, without stepping on its own toes. From the base 911 Carrera 2 to the supercar 911 Turbo and the savage road racer 911 GT3, they all have the 911 DNA, but with their own very different character.

For most, the above line-up would suffice, but Porsche has always been able to offer that bit more. The 911 Cabriolet is so obvious as to be mainstream, but what about a halfway house between full soft top and coupe. That will, of course, be the 911 Targa. If there is a niche in the 911 range, then the Targa is it.

From the earliest Targa’s with lift out roof panel and distinctive roll hoop, to the sliding roof sophistication of the later 993/996/997 generations, and finally the current origami style retractable roof perambulations of the 991 and 992 gen, the Targa has always conveyed a very different image. Yes, it’s got all the 911 right stuff, but it’s not wound all the way up to 11. And you don’t have to drive it like that either. Surprising really, given the Targa name is derived from the fearsome Targa Florio road race.


Given the niche status of the Targa, it’s surprising that this is the second 997 Targa that we’ve had in the showroom in little more than a month. And rather like that ‘Macadamia’ coloured example, we don’t expect this one to hang around for long either.

Supplied from new by Porsche Centre Bournemouth in 1998, and finished in Meteor Grey metallic, this 997.2 generation Targa 4, is in excellent original condition, with just 48,696-miles on the odometer. It’s further complimented by a black, extended leather interior, with some well-chosen extras, like 12-way adjustable seats, with seat memory and Bose speakers. The original Porsche PCM unit has been upgraded with a Sony unit, but the original comes with the car.

Being a Gen 2 model, it features the later 3.6-litre DFI (Direct Fuel Injection), flat-six, with 344bhp. Perhaps more significantly it also features the PDK semi-auto, 7-speed gearbox. This was a serious step-up from the previous 5-speed Tiptronic, presenting a viable alternative for even hardcore manualists! And for added shift action, the original buyer wisely specified the paddle shift option, rather than the standard steering wheel mounted rocker switches, which were much maligned by the press and Walter Rohrl, who famously described them as: “s**t.” Tell it like is, Walter! And, of course, like all Targa models, it has the added security and traction of four-wheel drive.

Regular servicing has been carried out pretty much exclusively by Porsche Centres and Porsche specialist, Cridfords. Typically with this sort of mileage and age, servicing has been routine, and largely confined to consumables, like brakes and regular tyres. In-short, this Targa C4 has clearly been exceptionally cared for by its previous owners.

And perhaps most importantly, the Targa roof operates perfectly, with the glass panel dropping and then silently retracting to its stowed position, below the rear screen. And for added practicality, that rear screen also functions as a rear hatch, too, making loading up a quick and easy business. Check out the pics and you’ll see what we mean.


No, it’s not a GT3, but equally it’s still a precision Porsche instrument, that will hit nearly 180mph and gallop to 60mph 5 secs. And being of the 997 generation, and a narrow-bodied version, it’s just the right size for UK roads. In fully auto mode, the PDK ‘box shifts quickly and intuitively, with an uncanny, almost psychic knack of being in the right gear at the right time. And then for full driver involvement, switch to manual and work the paddles, to wring out the best of the 3.4-litre, flat six.

And then there’s the roof. Like we say, it’s not the full Cabriolet effect, more of a gentle ruffling of the hair, when fully retracted! And when in place, it’s hard to differentiate the Targa from a Coupe, in terms of wind/road noise. A win, win for fans of semi, open-top motoring.


A different and niche take on the 911 concept and pleasingly low-key, for those that don’t want/need to shout.


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