PORSCHE 997.2 TARGA 4 (SOLD) (2009)



Make / Model: 997.2

Variant: Targa 4

Colour: Macadamia

Year: 2009

Mileage: 65800

Engine Size: 3.6

BHP: 344

Transmission: Manual



If the 1997 996 was the modernising 911 revolution, then the 997 that followed in 2004, was back to the familiar path of 911 evolution.

With much of the 996’s underpinnings carried over, including the 3.6-litre flat-six for the base models, Porsche consciously took a step back styling wise. Whilst the 996 had attracted criticism for its modern re-working of the 911 silhouette, particularly the controversial headlamps, the 997 featured a more accentuated classic 911 look, and a return to traditional round headlights.

The exterior redesign was complimented by a complete interior makeover, with again a nod to the more traditional 911 look. Materials were much improved too, and more in keeping with Porsche perception.

While the 320bhp, 3.6-litre engine was a carry over, S models got a new 350bhp, 3.8-litre motor and in true Porsche fashion, the 997 arrived with Carrera 2 and 2S versions, closely followed by the C4 and C4S, Cabrio and GT variants. And lastly in 2006, the 997 Targa was introduced, in Targa 4, and Targa 4S.

Taking its name from the famous Targa Florio road race, there has been a Targa in the 911 model range from nearly day one, first with a removeable roof panel and then, introduced with the 993, a sophisticated sliding, panoramic glass roof, which also featured on the 996 Targa. No surprise then, that this carried over to the 997 in revised form.

What does the Targa offer over the 911 Cabriolet? Well, think of it more as large glass sunroof that also opens like a boot from the rear and rather less in the way of wind in your hair, but also considerably airier than a coupe, yet more faithful to the 911 silhouette than previous models. Porsche deliberately made it rather less hardcore than the coupe models too, so very much a niche model in the 911 line-up, but one with a strong appeal.

The generation 2 models arrived in 2009 and were an evolution rather than revolution, featuring subtle internal and external styling changes to the earlier 997 Targa to improve the styling, but more critically, featured a new direct injection 3.6-litre engine with more power at 345bhp, offering better performance and economy, compared to the outgoing model too.

It is well documented elsewhere that this later DFI engine is the preferred option over the earlier models, and that these generation 2 997s are a sweet spot in the 911 line up, offering modern and efficient ergonomics without the sheer size of the 991 variant that followed.


Which brings us rather neatly to this 2009 997 Generation 2 Targa 4. Resplendent with Fuchs style wheels and looking really quite sophisticated in ‘Macadamia’ with a ‘Cocoa’ leather interior, it perfectly illustrates the sheer breadth of the Porsche 911 range and appeal. A Viper Green 997 GT3 RS, it is not!

Supplied new by Porsche Centre Newcastle, the current mileage stands at 65,000. The V5 notes four previous owners, with the current seller well known to us at Paul Stephens.

Unusually perhaps, this is the six-speed manual version, when most Targas were either Tiptronic or latterly PDK. Manual, of course, gives back that extra driver involvement. Reassuringly, for the new owner, it has had a replacement clutch and dual-mass flywheel within the last 6000 miles.

Regular servicing has been carried out almost exclusively by Porsche Centres, the most recent of which being Porsche Colchester. Typically with this sort of mileage, clutch aside, servicing has been routine, and largely confined to consumables, like brakes and regular tyres. In-short, this Targa C4 has clearly been exceptionally well cared for by its previous owners.

And perhaps most importantly, the Targa roof operates perfectly, with the glass panel dropping and then silently retracting to its stowed position, below the rear screen.


While this Targa may not be a 911 of the hardcore variety, equally it’s certainly no soft option, and being less extreme, makes a great companion for our less than perfect roads, and the manual gearbox is an absolute pleasure to use. Bottom line, this is still a near 180mph road weapon, that will go from 0-60mph in no more than 5 seconds and with the added security of 4WD, so is certainly no slouch.

And then there’s the roof, that offers a gentle ruffling of the hair when fully retracted rather than a full-blown cabriolet, yet when in place, it’s hard to differentiate the Targa from a Coupe, a win-win for fans of semi open-top motoring.


A different and niche take on the 911 concept, that for those who don’t want or need to shout about their car, is pleasingly low key in appearance, whilst still offering a full 911 driving experience.


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