Make / Model: Porsche 911 SC

Variant: RS Inspired Lightweight

Colour: Green

Year: 1978

Engine Size: 3.2

BHP: 236

Transmission: Manual


A Porsche 911 SC, but not as we know it.

As long as there have been 911s, there have been folk modifying 911s and at Paul Stephens, we should know, being very much at the centre of all things modified, hot rodded, resto-modded, or whatever term you chose to use. And aside from our own PS Autoart bespoke creations, it is not at all unusual for us to have in stock a number of examples from other companies, including this particular car built for well-known historic 911 racer, Peter Rutt.

In 911 terms, the SC has always been a popular option with the mod squad. Plentiful, so as not to be too precious, and for many years, very well priced. The scene is rather different now from a cost point of view, but the ethos is very much the same, with the SC being something of a blank canvas.

In historical terms, what we have here is a very early 1978 RHD 911 SC, the successor to the 911 Carrera 3.0. Indeed, registered in Feb 1978, and delivered to Glen Henderson Motors, Ayr, Scotland, this must be one of the very first in the UK. From the factory, early SCs such as this, exited with 180bhp so as to comply and run on low octane US fuel, but soon European spec cars began to benefit from uprated versions of the 3-litre engine, with 188bhp for the 1980 model year and finally a definitive 204bhp for 1981.

The surviving Driver’s Manual documents an early life, that is largely irrelevant now, such is the transformation from standard SC to a 911 that takes its influences from the 1984 Group B rally conceived 911 SC/RS, a nice change from the usual backdating route.

Crucially for a 911 that is now 44-years old, this isn’t just a SC/RS homage but a full, ground up body and mechanical restoration, that was carried out over three years and finished in April 2022.

Well-respected, Steve Monk at Bodywerkes, Iver Heath, tackled the shell restoration, which included new inner and outer sills, floorpan, new wings front and rear, with the rear arches re-shaped to a subtlety wider profile. The body was also reinforced and lightened, with new SC/RS style lightweight bumpers. And while the immaculate green paintwork looks very much like a Porsche Irish Green, it is actually an Italian green, but suits the car very well. Other SC/RS styling touches include the matt black headlight trims and period door mirrors.

As you would expect, all the running gear was either restored or replaced, including all suspension replated/renewed, new dampers, brake callipers and discs. The period Fuchs-style 15in 7J/8J wheels are booted with Avon period-profile, historic road tyres and this build looks all the better for it.

Rather than a stripped out competition interior, the original period style black and Cork trim was retained and restored, including the leather seats, although in a nod to its rallying influences a new Heigo bolt-in half-cage, has been fitted, together with four-point harnesses and a Momo Black Edition Prototipo steering wheel.

And as you would hope, the running gear has also been suitably uprated to ensure it goes as well as it looks. The engine was built by Oxfordshire based Porsche specialists, Wright Tune and has been taken out to 3.2-litres, with gas flowed cylinder heads, 964 cams and throaty Weber 40ID downdraught carbs, plus SSI exhaust system and fully programmable 123Tune ignition system. Rolling road power figures show power up from the original 180BHP to 236BHP at 5800rpm with 220lbs/ft torque at 4400rpm and - perhaps more relevant for road use – a steady 200+lbs/ft from 3000rpm-5600rpm. Meanwhile, transferring this power to the road is a lighter magnesium-cased 915 gearbox.

On the road

As the spec and figures indicate, performance is well suited to the road, with power just where you need it, which is to say it has a strong, tractable mid-range, but will also rev out happily beyond 6000rpm, by which time this little 911 is accelerating at an impressive pace . The 5 speed gearbox is delight to use with the shifting action at the top-end of the 915 experience.

And overall this SC/RS inspired 911 is a joy to drive, particularly if you like a 911 that really moves around, which this does on its higher profile tyres, and combined with renewed suspension together with a narrow, classic bodyshell, it makes for an ideal and compact B-road companion.

In conclusion

A different take on the restomod 911, that makes a strong case for itself. Try pricing a similar build now and see how far you get, before the money runs out! On every level, the hard work has been done, leaving any new owner free to simply drive and enjoy.


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