M471 Lightweight

Classic styling of an icon designed for daily use with performance enhancements to make sure it out performs the original in every way.


The 1973 Porsche Carrera RS is probably the most legendary 911 ever. Originally supplied in M471 Lightweight and M472 Touring form, its iconic status has ensured that most examples are too valuable to be used as daily cars today.

The PS M471 Lightweight replaces our highly acclaimed PS 240C. Developed specifically for the discerning driver, it combines the distinctive faithful appearance of an original 73 M471 RS model together with an invigorating enhanced driving experience.

Fully rebuilt with a galvanised body, the M471 is a practical car that can be used 365 days a year with minimal preventative maintenance and is available in 3.0, 3.2 or 3.4 litre form. Whether a pure 2 seater or fitted with rear seats and seat belts for children, the M471 Lightweight can be a thrilling daily driver or a serious weekend toy.

The exterior appearance is an exact reproduction of the 70s icon whilst the interior is faithfully reproduced to provide the same level of detail. With traditional instruments and perfectly positioned controls – the M471 Lightweight feels every inch the road racer it is when sat behind the wheel. The interior maintains the traditional feel and unique identity of the original but provides the dependability and function for modern motoring.

If it is raw hard edged performance that is required our lightened and balanced 3.0 engine fitted with PMO carburettors and GE 60 camshafts offers the much coveted throttle response and free revving nature of the early cars plus an impressive 253BHP which is some 43BHP more than an original.

The 3.2 and 3.4 fuel injected engines when fitted with revised mapping and our performance exhaust system produce (240 BHP 3.2 litre) (260 BHP 3.4 litre) with increased torque to give greater in gear flexibility and more relaxed long distance cruising combined with strong performance.*

The M471 Lightweight is fitted with our uprated suspension and brakes as standard for enhanced handling and sensational stopping power.
As per the 1973 original programme, a Touring M472 version is also available for those seeking performance with a few more creature comforts.

Whether a free revving 3.0 litre, or gutsy 3.2 / 3.4 litre engines the PS M471 Lightweight simply outperforms an original in every way.

*Further power upgrades available by special request


A number of options are available from our special wishes programme.

3.0 Litre
0-60mph in 5.4 seconds.
Top Speed is 156mph.

3,2 Litre
0-60mph in 5.6 seconds.
Top Speed is 155mph.

3.4 Litre
0-60mph in 5.4 seconds.
Top Speed is 160mph.


Galvanised steel structure with genuine 1973 panels including GRP front and rear bumpers and GRP aluminium framed engine cover.
Option : M472 Touring specification


Lightweight carpets and door trims, Recaro style sports seats trimmed in vinyl corduroy, original dashboard, door tops, 380mm steering wheel and manual windows.

Option 1: Original style lightweight competition seats.
Option 2: M472 Touring Interior

Wheels and Tyres

Fuchs Style
Front 7J x 15 with 205-50-15 tyres
Rear 8J x 15 with 225-50-15 tyres


Front and rear torsion bars with 22mm anti roll bar front and 21mm roll bar rear.


Rack and pinion.


Length: 4200mm.
Width: 1652mm.
Wheelbase: 2272mm.
Weight: 1000kg (M471).

Engine Options

3.0 Litre
Cubic Capacity: 2993cc
Maximum power: 253 BHP @ 5900 RPM with sports exhaust and PMO Carburettors.
Maximum Torque: 275 NM @ 4600 RPM
Dry sump lubrication system
Air cooled with fan, enhanced with single front mounted oil cooler.
Transmission: Type 915 5 speed with single dry plate disc clutch

3.2 / 3.4 Litre
Cubic Capacity: 3164cc
Maximum power: 240BHP 3.2litre / 260 BHP 3.4 litre @ 6100RPM with sports exhaust system and remapping.
Maximum Torque: 289 NM @ 4800 RPM 3.2 litre / 300 NM @ 4600 RPM 3.4 litre
Dry sump lubrication system enhanced with single front mounted oil cooler and air cooled engine fan
Digital Motor Electronic DME (motronic 2) engine

Brake System

Hydraulic duel circuit brake system with servo. Ventilated discs (282.5mm front and 290mm rear), with two pot calipers.
*Optionl 4 pot calipers available