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911 & Porsche World

Targa Saga

Fresh-air fiend, but mad on RSs? You’ll love this 964 Targa that’s been upgraded to RS spec!

911 & Porsche World

The Division Bell

Earth, Wind and Fire? Forget them. Today’s elements are Air and Water. Editor Bennett and journo Tipler go head-to-head to make the case for their fave 911 cooling systems – duking it out in the ring with wince-making hypes and thumping price hikes. Who deals out the body blow?

911 & Porsche World

Your first Porsche!
From £10k to £50k

It’s amixed and ever-changing market but, formany buyers, real-world first-Porsche territory stretches all the way up to £50,000. Here are 12 of these gloriousmachines we think should be on your shopping list.

911 & Porsche World

Silver Jubilee

Launched in 1990, we celebrate our 25 years on the newsstands with the three models comprising Porsche’s 1990 contemporary line-up. Welcome to the 994, 928 and 964 street party!

911 & Porsche World

911SC V Carrera 3.2

911SC or Carrera 3.2? Time was that was a question to answer. The newer car surely? Not necessarily. The SC has more old school 911 about it compared to the more refined Carrera, and prices for good versions of both are starting to converge.

Total 911

The Prince of Monaco

A thorough extravagant custom 911 destined for the lavish French Riviera lifestyle. And no, it’s not built in California.