PORSCHE 911 2.0 E (1969)



Make / Model: Porsche 911

Variant: 2.0 E

Colour: Maroon

Year: 1969

Mileage: 88,000

Engine Size: 2.0

BHP: 140


Launched in 1963 as the 901 Prototype, the 911 as it is now known, was officially produced from October 1964. These early SWB 911s had a reputation for being very tricky to drive and even the original Porsche sales brochure suggested the new 911 was not a car for the novice driver. Porsche realised, that whilst this trait may appeal to the experienced driver, they would need to do something to make the car easier to drive and the answer came in October 1968 when they increased the wheelbase by 2.2 inches (57mm).


They also realised a year earlier, that to give the car more appeal in America where Automatics were favoured, they would need clutchless transmission. So the Sportomatic was introduced. This was essentially a 4 speed transmission, that operated without a clutch and eased fatigue for town driving.


To demonstrate the versatility and strength of this new transmission, Porsche decided to enter a 911R, fitted with a Sportomatic gearbox in the Marathon de la Route. This was an 84-hour regularity trial, that was run on the NĂĽrburgring where Vic Elford, Hans Herrmann and Jochen Neerpasch finished in first place, covering a total of 6,148 miles and averaging 73.15mph. Success came again for Porsche in 1968, when Vic Elford driving a 911 fitted with a Sportomatic gearbox, won the Monte Carlo Rally.


Although the Sportomatic accounted for some 25% of cars sold in the US, it was a much rarer option in Europe and for the 1969 model year, our records suggest that just 14 UK RHD 911Es were fitted with this option from new, making the car we are offering here, a very rare 911 today.


Originally supplied by Porsche Cars Great Britain (AFN) to a Mr JA Shellim on the 1st April 1969, it was enjoyed for exactly 10 years before passing to its 2nd owner, a Mr J Amor on 30th March 1979. Mr Amor kept the car until 07/06/2008 when it was purchased by its 3rd and current owner Mr Bayliss.


During its tenure with Mr Shellim and Mr Amor, it received regular maintenance, notably being serviced by the supplying agent AFN every year until 1982, when Mr Amor eventually decided, at 77,000 miles, to start using independent specialists. It was last serviced at 87,900 miles in September 2007 before being sold to Mr Bayliss in 2008.


By now the car was 39 years old and in need of some restoration, so before work commenced, Mr Baylis precured a certificate of authenticity from Porsche that confirmed the car was matching numbers, with all its original options still fitted and was originally supplied in special order 6854 metallic, with leatherette beige interior.


He wanted to be involved in the restoration process himself and to budget the expenditure over a period of time. He started to purchase, what he considered to be the necessary parts, before handing to Porsche specialists SVP, to carry out what looked l on the surface, would be a light restoration in 2010. However, the more the car was dismantled, the more the true problems of a typical early 911 were unearthed. With no turning back, a full and comprehensive total mechanical and body restoration began and was not completed until 2015 some £80,000 later.


It is fair to say that this figure would have been significantly higher if a very favourable hourly rate had not been negotiated at the start of the restoration. Personal commitments mean this 911 has only completed nominal mileage since its full nut and bolt restoration and the reason that the car is now offered for sale.


A rare opportunity to acquire a genuine matching number RHD 2.0 911E, restored to its original specification.


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