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"Dad always wants the newest and the quickest, but at the same time we’ve always hankered after an early 911. " An ST then? “Yes, the idea of an ST rep really appealed!” And why not.
Derek is a great friend of Paul Stephens and a man who understands the Ford phenomenon and the glory days, largely because he was at the creative coal face of Ford’s UK marketing and he’s got plenty of stories to tell.
A quick drive in Paul's 996 GT3 prompts Bennett to reminisce on a mad Le Mans/Nürburgring 24-hour road trip 20-years ago when both endurance events clashed on the same weekend.
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7 July 2024
Can you believe it, we have hit the midpoint of the year already! Summer is the perfect time of year to jump in the car, dust off the cobwebs, and visit a car show or two. However, if you have been living under a rock, 2024 has been the busiest year for car enthusiasts.
3 May 2024
We are all familiar with these cars and their unique charm, each standing out in its own way. Take, for instance, this car we recently sold. This particular car found its match with its new owner, who, upon setting eyes on it, knew it was the perfect fit—well, almost...
10 February 2024
In a surprising turn of events, a recently sold classic Porsche 911, thought to have a minor oil leak, has become the centre of attention, as a routine sales preparation revealed hidden complications that led to a full-fledged engine rebuild and more.
10 February 2024
This year, Paul Stephens celebrates thirty years, and to celebrate this milestone, we have refreshed our website and would like to introduce you to our new PS magazine.

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