Not Your Average Porsche Specialist


Varioram 993s span the last couple of years of production (1996-1998) and everyone wants a later car. And of course Varioram equals more power, and who doesn’t want more power? And more power equals more performance, and who doesn’t want more performance?
If there’s one question that comes up here at Paul Stephens, more than any other, it’s that of the Type 915 gearbox versus the G50 gearbox, as fitted to the 911 Carrera 3.2.
Back in 1985 Porsche went into battle – against itself. The 944 Turbo and the 911 Carrera 3.2 were priced within £100 of other and boasted near identical performance, yet to drive, each couldn’t be more different. Nearly 40-years on, we recreate the famous Car magazine road test, which pitched the two head-to-head. Will the verdict stand?


10 February 2024
In a surprising turn of events, a recently sold classic Porsche 911, thought to have a minor oil leak, has become the centre of attention, as a routine sales preparation revealed hidden complications that led to a full-fledged engine rebuild and more.
10 February 2024
This year, Paul Stephens celebrates thirty years, and to celebrate this milestone, we have refreshed our website and would like to introduce you to our new PS magazine.

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