Porsche 996 GT3 Clubsport

For a business to stand above its peers, it’s all about post sale care and to this regard Paul Stephens excels.
I noticed one or two concerns with my car shortly after taking delivery, but Paul and Tom couldn’t more helpful in discussing my options and resolving these issues.
I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another car from Paul Stephens – a genuine company run by fellow car enthusiasts.

– Matthew McCarthy

Porsche 993 C2S

I was a first time Porsche buyer and was supported by Tom and Paul in the purchase. The culture of the business is welcoming, open and honest. On top of which they are absolute enthusiasts and specialists in their field. It was a pleasure to buy from Paul Stephens and I will have my car maintained there.

– Mr Brinkmann

Porsche 911 SC

I have been looking at vintage Porsches for 15 years. Then, when we decided to move to a house with a garage last May, the first decision I took was to finally convert this old dream into reality. Then I started to surf the net in search of my ideal 911 and discovered pretty fast that 1) I should have bought a 911 15 years ago and 2) it is a jungle out there for a non specialist. Then, I decided to do what seemed to me as the most reasonable thing to do in such situations: buy the seller as much as the car. I identified established and reputable dealers and started to look at their stock. And after few weeks, I identified a gorgeous 911SC from 1978 for sale from Paul Stephens. The colour would not have been my first choice (Casanblaca Beige, which is pretty much gold…), but the numerous pictures on the website and the comments made me shoot an e-mail to ask some more questions. I received in no time clear answers and very fast I decided to pay a visit to Paul. The visit was very friendly, and the car was in an even better condition than I had expected. I was given the opportunity to drive it and the deal was done…

Bottom line, I cannot be more happy with this car and the experience with Paul was just a mix of professionalism, courtesy, attention to details and simple cool. I already own another vintage car, many vintage watches and vintage motorbikes too, and I know that buying vintage is a wonderful world as long as you connect with the right dealers (and a real nightmare if you end-up in the wrong hands…). And, last but not least, knowing that Paul will continue to provide regular services to the car was for me very important too.

Thank you Paul

– Bernard Penaud

Porsche 911 2.7 S Evocation

I was thrilled when my Paul Stephens 911 was delivered. I hadn’t seen or driven the car, so had placed a lot of faith in the firm’s reputation.

The car was immaculate when it arrived, and for a 40 year old car the driving experience is fantastic. It really goes!
I am a convert…

– Ben Marnham

Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera

I first met Paul and some of his team at the 2016 Goodwood Revival. I was impressed by his general knowledge, the quality of his workmanship and the open and honest interaction my Son and I were able to have with Paul and his various team members. For me buying a vehicle of this nature is about much more than just the product and price, it’s about forming long term relations and we felt that we were able to do this with Paul and his team.

I went on to purchase one of his vehicles and have since been back to his workshop so that he could install a couple of modifications to my personal preference.

I love my vehicle and remain very impressed with Paul, his team and the quality of their workmanship and I look forward to many future interactions over the years to come.

– Ian Harebottle


Porsche 996 GT3

Porsche fanatics are the among most fastidious car buyers. I know this because I happen to be one – applying huge amounts of research and diligence to any car purchase. With this in mind, I would recommend anyone with a genuine interest in buying a Porsche inquires through Paul Stephens. Here’s why:

They have a painstakingly high level of attention to detail and a huge quality of finish, which filters down from their remarkable coach building projects to their sales cars. You will see this at a glance from the impressive detailing work, to the stickers placed on the rear windows of the cars that leave their showroom. In addition, they have an excellent technical team with superior knowledge made accessible to their customers.

Buying a high value car (or any Porsche), through a specialist rather than privately is, to an extent, a de-risking exercise. P-S in this respect exceeded expectations. They identified and completed routine maintenance work I hadn’t anticipated and provided genuine value-add to ensure the car left factory fresh from the point of sale to after sales services. A truly surprising and unprecedented level of honesty, much appreciated.

They also do great bacon sandwiches.

– Henry Brown

Porsche 993 C2S – 9,355 miles from new

I recently had the pleasure of acquiring this stunning one owner 993 C2S manual from Paul and his team. From initial contact to post collection, the service and attention to detail received have been nothing short of exceptional. I’m a fastidious buyer and would wholeheartedly endorse the experience and the business’s knowledge and passion for these precious vehicles. My new acquisition is an absolute dream.

– Mark Brunning

Porsche 993 Cabriolet

Paul, many thanks to you and your team for all your help in finding the right Porsche for me.

The professional advice and service I received were excellent.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone looking to buy a classic Porsche. It’s never easy parting with large sums of cash to chase a dream, but with your guidance I was reassured that I was making the right decision.

Three weeks and a thousand miles on, the car is performing perfectly.

– Chris Poole

Porsche 911 2.7 RS

Dealing with Paul Stephens Porsche was problem-free from first contact to taking delivery of the car, which was absolutely as described and accompanied by a monumental history file.

I now have a very, very special car in my garage, and I would recommend Paul Stephens to anyone with a passion for historic Porsches.

– Mark Griffiths

Porsche 964 Targa

We were looking for a car 964 Targa to give to our wives as a touring present, PS had what looked like and turned out to be the perfect candidate. Having dealt with Paul before and experienced his customer focused approach I didn’t have any concerns about purchasing a 25 year old car from him without having sat in it never mind test driven it.

A brief was agreed in order to enhance the car’s appearance to something that Porsche could have/should have done in period whilst specifically not looking for a back dated look.

New wheels, silver hoop and bespoke leather interior, Porsche Classic radio – final result; perfect!

Paul fully understood what we were seeking to achieve and skilfully guided us though various decisions whilst making us aware of various relevant historic data regarding 964’s.

The car is aesthetically pleasing as it is mechanically reliable, perfect combination as its first run was a jaunt down to Rome and back.

Paul has an encyclopaedic mind for Porsche data, he’s seems to know the answer before you’ve asked him the question, he and his colleagues at PS are quality focused and service lead; they all really do know how to make you feel special.

– Damien Murray

Porsche 911 964

I’m writing to say the level of service I received from you and your team when buying my Porsche 964 from you was fantastic.

You were away when I collected the car but Tom and Frank were so helpful and professional.

I had previously flown to Scotland to collect a 993 I had bought from a specialist Porsche dealer, but when I arrived it was not as described . Bits missing , terrible paint work, incomplete service history and 10 owners instead of 5. A complete waste of time.

So I was dubious of buying from another dealer, but I must say my experience from you was the complete opposite.
When I told my friends they said it sounded as if I’d bought a Porsche from Harrods!

The car is superb and I would recommend anyone look for a classic Porsche to come to you first or wait till you have one that they want.

– Richard Ilett

Porsche 964 Targa

“Buying an older model Porsche can be fraught with problems, but not in this case.

Paul Stephens and all his staff are exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable and have such attention to detail that the buying experience becomes a pleasure.

The car was exactly as described and was presented for delivery in immaculate order.

You can’t ask for much more”

– Paul Garside


Porsche 911 2.7 Carrera

“The car has arrived. First, above and beyond anything else, I want to say: The car is absolutely brilliant and utterly enthralling. I’ve never driven anything quite like it, and I am in gobsmacked love with it. And the darn thing is gorgeous.

(The paint fix you did on that rear quarter panel is invisible to my eye, just fantastic.)

I can very well see the loving care taken by yourself and your team to prep the car for delivery, to really dial it in. For all of the above, I THANK YOU! You could not have a happier customer than I am.”

– Frank Darabont, California

Porsche 911E 2.0

“After spending months looking at Vintage Porsche 911’s , to find that every one I viewed wasn’t as the owner had stated , I found the Paul Stephens website and contacted Charlie about a project car they had . It was a big leap of faith for me as the car could not be tested until it was finished but I needn’t of worried.

The guys at Paul Stephens are passionate about their Porsches and the end result was a car put together to the most exacting standards and it far surpassed all my expectations. It’s been a delight to deal with all the team and I’ve ended up with the most beautiful and highly driveable 1969 911E .

Thanks to all of you”

– Keir Donald

3.2 Wide bodied RS Teknik

“The car exceeds expectations in terms of its on road performance and the whole experience is terrific. However, that is not what I particularly wanted to report.

The Paul Stephens ‘small print’ states that a car will be ‘prepared to our exacting standards’ but I had no real idea what that meant. The works that have been undertaken by you have turned a great car into a work of art. The engine detailing; the level of care to any mechanical wear and component replacement; and, the interior detailing has all been extremely thorough.

And, as my anticipation of impending ownership mounted, you were kind enough to send me a regular report on the works being undertaken. Simply put, the care in preparing the car has been outstanding.”

— Guy Hains

PS Classic Touring

“Thank you for all the hard work you put into my car, it reminded me of what driving is all about.”

— Nick Riley

Porsche 911 996 Coupe

“I would have no hesitation in recommending your company and find it very refreshing to deal with a company where nothing ever seems to be too much of a problem.”

— Shaun Beck

Porsche 911 993 Targa

“They say you should always leave the best until last, which in the case of Paul Stephens and your team is very true.

We’re so pleased with the new car and looking forward to collecting it in a few weeks. You’ve certainly helped us find a great car which we will cherish.

The Targa will provide some much needed fun whilst I progress the home build of my 72 car.”

— Geoff Wilcox

Porsche 911 964 Coupe

“You have done a fantastic job and the wait was worthwhile. Staring at the car, I still cannot really believe how far you went to make it feel so good. You really live up to your reputation.

I have attached a few pictures of the car and my son behind the wheel. I will give you regular updates on the 911.”

— Alain Jestin

Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera

“The team at Paul Stephens are knowledgeable, patient and understand that buying a classic Porsche is a very personal decision. After deciding on a particular Carrera 3.2, I took advantage of the wealth of experience available to me and made the car my own.
Preparation and renovation are key ingredients in making sure these wonderful cars perform as we expect them to. Paul Stephens knows that and makes it his business to ensure that they do.”

— Derek R Price

Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera

“Needless to say, I love the car, use it whenever the opportunity arises, and still gasp every time I open my garage door !!!”

— Robin Pounder

Porsche ST Evocation

“With nothing more than a handshake over the phone I consigned my car to Paul Stephens, and they rewarded my trust, handling the sale of my car swiftly & efficiently.

They achieved a price in excess of that which I felt I could get privately and then promptly transferred the funds to me. All in all, highly recommended.”

— Paul Madden