Not Your Average Porsche Specialist

porsche 911 classic carrera super sport

The Porsche 911 Carrera was introduced in 1984 to replace the longstanding SC model and in Porsche’s typically evolutionary fashion, it was visually very similar to the outgoing model. However, this similarity concealed a number of technical upgrades to ensure that whilst the new 911 still looked like a 911, significant gains had been made in performance and economy. These gains were largely thanks to the new 3.2-litre, flat-six, which saw power increase from the SC’s 204bhp, to 231bhp and with it a top speed of 152mph.

The new Carrera 3.2 sat below the supercar challenging 911 Turbo, yet performance was certainly more than adequate for most thrill seekers. And while the Turbo was the ultimate 80s kid’s bedroom wall, poster car, it was also eye-wateringly expensive for grown-ups, too.

With this in mind, in 1985 Porsche pulled a masterstroke, by launching a new M491 Supersport Equipment (SSE) option for the standard Carrera, whereby a new car could be specified from the factory, with full Turbo bodywork, brakes and suspension. Known as the Carrera Supersport. Just 226 RHD examples came to the UK, making this a rare air-cooled 911 today. The Supersport spec, introduced with the Carrera 3.2, started a trend that has carried on to this day, with 911 S and 4S models benefitting from the ‘widebody’ look.

Porsche 911 Carrera Supersport Availability