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1989 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera
1989 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera
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1989 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera For Sale

Make & Model:
Porsche 911
3.2 Carrera
Model Year:
Manual G50
Low mileage



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The Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 was introduced in 1984 to replace the longstanding SC model and in Porsche’s typically evolutionary fashion, it was visually very similar to the outgoing 911. It also marked the end of the G-Series line, introduced in 1974 and the last 911, that could trace its lineage back to the 1963 original.

Porsche built a staggering 80,000 911 Carrera 3.2s between 1983 and 1989. Not bad for a car that was supposed to have been killed off in favour of the front-engined 928. Cue customer outrage and an internal Porsche power struggle, that was resolved in the 911’s favour.

After years of largely incremental power increases the Carrera 3.2 introduced a rather more generous horsepower hike: 231bhp at 5900rpm from its 3.2-litre flat six, thanks to the 911 Turbo’s crank and longer connecting rods. Torque increased to 209lbs/ft at 4800rpm. The 911 finally broke the 150mph barrier, albeit only just at 152mph. The Carrera went digital too, with computerised fuel injection and RAM chips that even today can be manipulated to alter the fuelling and ignition.

Early Carrera 3.2s retained the Type 915 gearbox, but in 1987 the 911 got the gearbox that many would say it really deserved: The Getrag G50, that would go on to serve the 911 through the 964 and 993 ranges. For our view on the great 915 v G50 debate, then click here: (

The Carrera 3.2 also received a much plusher interior, with improved ventilation (always an air-cooled 911 issue) and sound insulation and two/three way electric seats. The deep bolstered ‘Sports’ version is still one of the best thrones, that Porsche has ever made.

The ultimate and arguably most desirable G-Series 911 is, then, a late G50 equipped Carrera 3.2, which is exactly what we have here and in ever popular black.


And it’s a good one too. Well, we would say that, but you won’t have missed the headline figure here which is, of course, this Carrera 3.2’s ultra-low 33,000-miles and just four previous owners.

And when we say a ‘late G50 equipped Carrera 3.2’ we really do mean it. Delivered on Oct 1st, 1989 via Merlin Porsche, Chesterfield, this 3.2 would have had its 964 successor hot on its heels rolling down the production line.

And what is it that they say? It’s only original once. At a time when even the youngest Carrera 3.2 (like this one) is 35-years old, many are now in that restoration window, with all the cost that entails. Believe us, when we say, that some classic Porsche restos are becoming prohibitively expensive.

So like many low mileage cars we see, there aren’t stamps for every single year and no extensive invoices for big ticket stuff, like engine rebuilds or bare metal resprays but it has wanted for little more than routine servicing via Official Porsche Centres and respected Porsche independents. Invoices date back to 1991, the leather book back and books are all present and tax discs and MOT certificates date back to new! Unsurprisingly, it sailed through our pre-sales inspection, it  drives and performs just as you would hope.

Spec wise, this Carrera 3.2 is absolutely on-trend for a UK car. That’s is to say Sport package with front and rear wings, lowered Bilstein suspension and Fuchs 7/8in x 16in wheels. Inside the black exterior is offset by Linen, electrically adjustable, leather Sports seats, which lighten the interior ambience.

Condition? Up there which you would expected, but not always a given. And is often the way with very low-mileage cars, this 911 has been used sparingly in recent years and has spent some time in storage. As such, we will be supplying the car fully prepared including major service, new tyres and fresh MOT so it’s ready to go and ready to be enjoyed, which of course is what it deserves.


Driving any classic 911 is a time travel of sorts and even more so with just 34,000-miles on the clock.

It’s 1989, you’re in a black 911 Carrera 3.2, bereft of frippery and modern distractions. Whatever your 80s music of choice is, the radio will oblige. As it’s 1989, we’ll take a bit of S’Express…

Gripped by Porsche’s best seat in the house, this time warp 911 doesn’t disappoint. The hydraulic clutch and G50 gearbox ensure a clean slice through the gears, and performance from the 3.2-litre, flat-six is immediate and strong, as you would expect from 231bhp.

Steering is convivial and chatty in that 911 sort of way and the suspension works with the road, rather than pummelling it into submission. Get into the swing and the rhythm of the engine hanging out the rear, and the classic 911 penny will not so much drop, as cascade. There is nothing quite like driving a 911.


The ultimate 80s, naturally aspirated, air-cooled 911? It’s got to be right up there. And while the headline figure might be its low-mileage, it’s not so crazy low that you would be scared to add to it. A couple of thousand miles a year, would do little to dent this cars appeal and properly looked after, there’s no reason why this Carrera 3.2 will be original not just once, but as long as you can still buy petrol to run it!

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