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1996 Porsche 993 Carrera 4S
1996 Porsche 993 Carrera 4S
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1996 Porsche 993 Carrera 4S For Sale

Make & Model:
Porsche 993
Carrera 4S
Model Year:
Polar Silver
Low mileage, low owners, excellent condition.



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Introduced in 1994, the Porsche 911, Type 993, was the last of the air-cooled 911 line and as such will always hold a special place in the heart and minds of Porsche 911 fans. What followed (the Porsche 996) was very much a revolution.

The 993, by contrast, was more evolution, but even so it was quite a significant one, over the 964 model 911, which it replaced. For the first time the basic shape of the 911 was changed, the front end, wider and flatter, mirroring its 928 and 968 contemporaries (albeit without the pop-up headlamps) for a more ‘family’ look. The rear end took on a wider stance, with bulging rear arches, even on the narrow-bodied Carrera 2. The basic 911 silhouette was still unmistakeable, but with a modern twist.

Mechanically the 993 retained the 3.6-litre engine, but with detail changes, that raised power to 272bhp and then 285bhp, with the arrival of the Varioram induction system. Click here to see our take on the great Varioram v non-Varioram debate.

A new six-speed gearbox offered a greater range of ratios and an all new multi-link rear suspension set-up offered greater control of the rear-engined mass. The front suspension remained much as the 964.

As with previous 911 generations, the 993 Turbo donated its wide bodyshell to the model range. The Carrera 4S arrived in 1996, while the C2S arrived in 1997, pretty much the last year of 993 production.

Both the C2S and C4S proved to a big hit for all the obvious reasons: Turbo look without Turbo outlay and costs, plus four-wheel drive for the C4S. And aside from the Turbo, the 993 market clearly puts the C2S and C4S on top, particularly as both feature the sought after Varioram engine.

Silver Dream Machine

Those of you old enough will recognise the above soundtrack, from the 80s David Essex classic/clunky bike racing movie. We stand by it: In 993 world, this manual Carrera 4S, really is a ‘Silver dream machine!’ 

It rolled off the Porsche production line in spring 1996, and was registered and sold via JCT600 Official Porsche Centre in Newcastle in June of that year. We wouldn’t be exaggerating when we say that it has a lot going for it. Before we get to the spec, the mileage will have caught the attention of many. With just over 25,000 miles on the clock, it is in the sweetspot of being low mileage, but not so low that you would be afraid to use it. A few thousand more a year, would do little to dent its future value, which being a C4S, is assured regardless.

History shows four previous owners, but three of those were in the same family. Clearly a cherished car, as its condition clearly shows, too.

It has a hugely desirable specification too. In popular Polar Silver, it is absolutely of its time, with 18in Turbo Twist wheels and Turbo brakes, plus of course four-wheel drive, Varioram and a manual six-speed gearbox.

Inside it is exactly how we like to see a Porsche of any description. That is to say black from carpet to headlining and everything in between. Even better in this case with black leather hard backed electric Sports seats, and extended leather dash top and door cards. Air conditioning wasn’t a given back in the 90s, but crucially for today’s market, this example will keep you cool. As will the sunroof. And for further comfort, cruise control is fitted. Other goodies include the uprated sound system, and a Porsche Classic DAB head unit.

Paperwork is comprehensive, including the original bill of sale (£74,791). Predictably given mileage, maintenance has been largely routine and confined to routine servicing and consumables, it’s last full service carried out at Porsche Centre Guilford in June 2023. The underside? As you would hope and it’s no surprise that this car sailed through its pre-sales inspection.

On The Road

In a word: Solid. The 993 was the last of the air-cooled 911s and as befitting of over 30-years of development, it was also the best built and that’s what you can really feel on the road. Much as we love the water-cooled cars, they just don’t quite have that machined feel.

The interaction between the controls – throttle, clutch, gearchange – is precision itself and the steering is full of that unique 911 feel. The 285bhp Varioram engine mixes strong mid-range with an appetite for revs. Grip is a given from the four-wheel drive chassis and wheel and tyre combo, that mixes Turbo Twist 10in rears with 8in front plus, of course Turbo ‘Big Red’ calipers. Oh, then there’s that air-cooled soundtrack, which you will never tire of.

And wide it might be in 993 range terms, but in the modern world, it is anything but. We bang on about it, but modern super-size me 911s have outgrown our roads. Part of the attraction of any air-cooled 911, is its size.


A wonderfully original low mileage 993 Carrera 4S in fantastic condition, low owners and superb spec. We’re proud to be able to offer this very fine example. Don’t hang around as we don’t expect it to be here for long.

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