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WANTED - Porsche - all models considered

WANTED - Porsche - all models considered

Buying and selling Porsche

Paul Stephens are a leading UK specialist in Porsche cars. In particular in air cooled Porsche 911 models (1964 - 1998) and water cooled 911 GT2, GT3 and RS models (1999 - present). We have a variety of modern and classic Porsche for sale and are always looking for air cooled and water cooled Porsche to buy.

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Classics at the Castle 2014

Classics at the Castle 2014


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PS Autoart Speedster

PS Speedster by Paul Stephens

The unique creation from PS Autoart, hand-made by leading craftsmen... description to follow

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PS Autoart

PS Autoart by Paul Stephens

Timeless style with modern features and performance. Designed and built for daily use. Coupe or Targa configuration. 12,000 mile services intervals. 3 year 60,000 mile warranty*

Totally bespoke and hand built to your specification. Available in LHD or RHD

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Paul Stephens Design

Paul Stephens Design - Mechanical Timepiece

The limited run EDITION 901 mechanical timepiece by Paul Stephens Design

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Other Marques For Sale

2011 PS Classic Touring Series II

2011 PS Classic Touring Series II

Buying and selling other marques

Paul Stephens are independent specialists in Porsche but are always pleased to offer other interesting modern, classic and sports cars for sale.

A selection of our latest Porsche for sale:

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