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The 911 SC was the immediate successor to the Carrera 3.0, and was offered from the 1978 to 1983 model years inclusive, during which time nearly 61,000 were built at Porsche’s Stuttgart factory, before being replaced by the Carrera 3.2.

The early 180bhp cars were conceived to comply and run on low octane US fuel, but soon European spec cars began to benefit from uprated versions of the 3-litre engine, with 188bhp for the 1980 model year and finally a definitive 204bhp for 1981. US cars, however, were stuck with 180bhp throughout. The full-fat 204bhp gave the SC a top speed of very nearly 150mph and a 0-60mph dash of 6.8 secs.

At first glance it’s difficult to tell the Carrera 3.0 and the 911 SC apart, but as ever the devil is in the detail. Mechanically the SC took the 930 Turbo derived engine and added a new electronic ignition system, plus improvements to the timing chain tensioners. The SC was also the first normally aspirated 911 to receive servo assisted brakes, plus bigger discs over the 3.0.

Interior wise, there were subtle improvements in trim and finish, with vinyl, leather and Berber fabric. 1980 saw the arrival of the infamous Pascha psychedelic trim, surely the ‘Marmite’ of all Porsche interior options!

Basic non-sport spec SCs were distinguished by a lack of front and rear wing, plus 15in Fuchs or ‘Cookie cutter’ wheels, but us sporty Brits generally specified the well-known Sport pack, with lowered Bilstein dampers, 16in Fuchs wheels and front and rear wing, plus ‘Sports’ seats.

The SC has long been the ‘gateway’ to the classic air-cooled 911 experience, although sitting in the shadow of the Carrera 3.2, for many years. Now though, it’s very much an option in its own right, with its own very defined character, being lighter and revvier than the 3.2. It’s a 911 that we have a lot of time for at Paul Stephens.

A Make Mine A Mocha

Which brings us very neatly to this rather lovely 1981 Rosewood Brown 911 SC. Note the colour: Not red, not black, not white! That’s something of a rarity in itself, because we Brits did like our primary colours back then. Perhaps the clue is this SC’s first owner, Mr Albert Henri Michaux. We’re guessing he was Belgian given that there is a Porsche Antwerp stamp in service book. The point is that our European neighbours had a rather more sophisticated colour palette.

Not that this SC is an import. No, it was registered early Jan 1981, by supplying dealer Motortune Ltd, London. Since then it has covered just 71,000-miles, it’s condition very much reflects that and was last sold by us in 2016.

All the same, this is a 42-year old car that has been subject to the UK climate. In 2017 corrosion around the front and inner wings was attended to and a respray carried out by us, as documented on a supplied CD. Interior wise, the brown and tan trim is in excellent condition, backing up mileage and care (aside from a tear in the passenger seat bolster and worn floor mats, both of which will be sorted at point of sale). The only non-standard interior item is the retro-looking Blaupunkt Bremen DAB head unit.

A comprehensive service file and 2 service books indicates largely routine servicing and care over the years, predominantly by main dealer Porsche, if not Porsche specialists. The suspension has also recently been refreshed by Reason Porsche.

While most UK spec 911 SC’s were ordered in Sport spec, this SC is a non-Sport car which is now in Sport spec’ less the spoilers with upgraded Bilstein suspension and 16 inch 7s & 8s Fuchs. Indeed the purists may wish to revert back to standard, which is something that we could help out with for potential buyers.

On The Road

Being a later 1981 SC, then this example has the full 204bhp and there is nothing to suggest that any of those horses have left the stable, from an engine that just loves to rev.

The Type 915 ‘box is perfectly precise. Some malign the 915, but a good one is a great way to change gear. And besides, no one moans about the 915, when driving a 73 RS!

The ride is taught, but in no way harsh, and the steering reads the road with typical 911 feel and feedback. Light and wieldy, it’s perfectly at home on British roads.

In Summary

It is worth noting that the car will be supplied with a significant amount of sales preparation. Want to know more? Please feel free to pick up the phone and we would be happy to discuss.

Dare to be slightly different. There was a time when what is essentially a brown 911, was deemed to be very much not the thing. But not anymore! These more subtle shades are highly sought after/prized and even more so in RHD non-Sport.

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